Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not an experienced traveler. Will this e-book be beyond my level?

All types of travelers–from newbies to seniors–will find value in this e-book. It's the perfect way to get a more in-depth understanding of what traveling abroad on your own might be like so you can decide if you want to jump in or warm up by joining a small group trip first. Even if you're traveling with a friend, there are tons of great tips and information that you'll find valuable for planning a unique trip! You’ll be able to skip around to the parts of the book that are relevant to you or jump to a section you need to reference on-the-spot while traveling.

How will I access the e-book?

You’ll receive a digital copy of the book that will be devliered to you by email within 30 seconds after you submit payment, you’ll be able to start reading the book in less than 1 minute! You’ll be able to save the digital book to your computer or even open it from your phone or tablet.

How much time will this save me compared to planning my trip on my own?

My tried-and-true methods that I use everyday as a professional travel planner will save you a lot of time, stress, and overwhelm by giving you the exact process to go through when choosing destinations, comparing accommodations, booking flights, etc. So we’re talking a magical bypass of weeks of pulling out your hair (trust me, I did a lot of that my first few years as a travel planner). But beyond that, the cultural tips and insider knowledge I share as an Italy expert are the added gift to ensure that the trip you plan is meaningful and authentic.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the e-book?

I am 110% confident in the value I’ve created in this e-book and Bonus guides. It’s the culmination of over a decade of solo travel and a career as an Italy travel expert. But if you’re still on the fence, you don’t have to worry because you’re backed by the Happy Traveler Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with this e-book after reading it entirely, I’ll give your money back up to 60 days after purchase–and let you keep the e-book and Bonus guides. Just email to get your refund. You can view our full refund policy here.

Does the e-book include what to do and see?

As the goal of this e-book is to get you exploring Italy on your own, the information is not specific to particular destinations. It would be impossible to include itinerary recommendations for every destination. But you will find recommendations for a handful of my favorite lesser-known destinations, along with information on what each of those areas has to offer. There’s also a section of actual experiences you can book, depending on where you’ll be.

I’ll buy the e-book when I’ve committed to trip dates.

If you’ve had this calling to travel solo in Italy and don’t have dates yet, the problem isn’t the timing, it’s likely something else. Having a little structure and hand holding from someone else may be just the thing you need to move this from daydream to reality. Further, this e-book is best to read before you’ve really started planning so you can be sure your vision for the trip aligns with the time of year, type of accommodations, and destination(s) you choose.

I’ll buy the e-book when I have more money.

If you’re really tight on cash right now, no problem. I’ll see you when buying this e-book feels exciting, not stressful. But is it really about the $19.99? Or are you looking for an excuse? Is there a deeper fear blocking you from making a decision that you know will benefit you, your life, and those around you? Ask yourself what the hesitation is really about then send me a message to let me know so I can help you through it.

How can I contact you?

You have access to the "Authentic Italy Travel" Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with me and other travelers. But if you don't find your answer there, you can shoot me an email at

Everything sounds great! How do I get started?

Click the link below to order your digital copy of the book! Order Here